Non-partisan education on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict


The Israel-Palestine conflict polarises students in schools and universities across Europe, with aggressive campaigning often alienating and intimidating students, and shutting down constructive dialogue on the issue. Our Solutions Not Sides Programme, which has been formulated with the input of both Israelis and Palestinians, as well as senior members of Jewish and Muslim communities, is designed to prepare students to make a positive, solutions-focused contribution to debates on Israel-Palestine. Solutions Not Sides focuses on direct student interaction with Israeli and Palestinian peace activists, and has delivered conflict resolution training, provided education, and facilitated discussion on the conflict in the UK and Western Europe since 2010, engaging thousands of students in the process.

The speakers were informative and highly engaging and pitched this complex issue at the right level inspiring many questions in our students
— Teacher, Graveney School, London
Israel-Palestine needs to be presented in an unbiased and balanced way
— Nicky Morgan, UK Education Secretary
What I liked most about the sessions was that they were quite detailed and gave both sides’ opinions. I liked that they were balanced as well
— Student, Yardleys School
I am now no longer pro-Israel or pro-Palestine, but pro-solution
— Student from Al-Hikmah school, Luton
It has improved my overall understanding of the conflict going on and made me appreciate that events that occur around the world don’t only consist of what the media shows us.
— Student from Chingford School, London
It makes you question critically your position previously
— Arash, Chair of Kashmir Awareness Society Birmingham University