What happens in our sessions and what are we trying to achieve?

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Solutions Not Sides Programme Principles

The subject of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be approached according to the following principles by participants and partners of the Solutions Not Sides Education Programme:

1.  A non-partisan attitude

2.  Respect for the human rights of all Palestinians and Israelis

3.  Open-mindedness to learn about the complexity of the various different narratives and view-points

4.  Rejection of simplistic conspiracy theories and a blame culture

5.  Intolerance of anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim racism

6.  Concern for the human needs and national interests of both sides

7.  Recognition of the uneven power dimension of the conflict

8.  Acceptance that both sides bear responsibility for bringing about a resolution to the conflict

9.  Declaration that Violence will likely lead to a lose-lose outcome and not a solution, therefore violence used by either side in the conflict will not be promoted or endorsed by Solutions Not Sides representatives

10.      Acknowledgment that any solution must include an end to both occupation and conflict, and a win-win outcome