Labour & Antisemitism



Yesterday evening there was a demonstration in London protesting against alleged antisemitism in the British Labour Party.

Antisemitism is discrimination against Jewish people, either individually or collectively, because of their Jewish identity. Watch for the signs of this in the current issue with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party - some critical questions to ask (among others):

  • Is Israel being criticised for its violations of International Law in equal measure to other states who are in violation?
  • Are there claims that Israelis, Jews in general, and those who are pro-Israel have a monopoly of control over the world’s wealth and media messaging?
  • Are Israelis singled out for comparison with the Nazis because of the history of the Jewish people? 
  • Are Israelis and Jews accused of exaggerating or inventing the Holocaust to promote their own interests?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a complex issue of history and identity, requiring understanding and analysis of diverse views before taking action if a win-win outcome is to be reached. Think critically and question simplistic, one-dimensional conspiracy theories about either Israelis, Palestinians, Jews or Muslims.

What follows are some resources that are available for activists interested in this issue that are worth looking at. Its important to note that we're sharing these resources specifically to provide some tools and space to engage with this important topic - we're not endorsing the individuals or organisations who produced them.