Great Return March in Gaza

Great Return March in Gaza

Seeking out progressive voices

SNS is watching the unfolding situation on the Gaza/Israel border with increasing concern, thinking particularly of our speakers from Gaza and their families. For over a decade, a blockade has been maintained by Israel and Egypt, air strikes have been conducted by the Israeli army, and missiles have been fired by Hamas - all strategies that are leading to the ongoing suffering of civilians in Gaza who are now dealing with a humanitarian crisis in this asymmetrical conflict. As always, SNS sees non-violent actions as the only way of breaking this cycle and ensuring the human rights of Gazans and the security of Israelis. A real and lasting solution is as urgent as ever. There are pro-solution voices for this non-violent activism in both Gaza and Israel at the moment. Take a look at some of our social media posts that highlight these progressive voices amidst the fear and anger that is currently being propagated on social media around this issue.

Read more about the ongoing situation here:

Zimam, one of our regional partner organisations, posted some of their thoughts about the protests:

The use of military force against our defenseless people during the Great March of Return proves that the Israeli leadership has a brutal, racist mentality. Through these peaceful popular marches, our people will be able to initiate and reverse the actions against this fascist racist government.

We offer our prayers and hope for mercy for the martyrs and healing for the wounded.
— Zimam Palestine

The original post in Arabic can be found here:

ان استخدام القوة العسكرية ضد أبناء شعبنا الاعزل خلال مسيرة العودة الكبرى يثبت ان العقلية الإسرائيلية هي عقلية عنصرية...

Posted by ‎Zimam Palestine | زمام فلسطين‎ on Friday, 30 March 2018

One of our speaker alumni, Eran Nissan, was part of a protest organised in Tel Aviv, Israel and you can see him speaking out against the actions of the military here:

Photograph: Khalil Hamra/AP