Since 2010, our European Programme has remained deeply committed to educating young people on the conflict and has provided platforms for moderate voices from Israeli and Palestinian society to speak first-hand about their experiences and challenges regarding the conflict. We believe that balanced education and harmonious discourse on the conflict, especially with people from the region, is essential in creating a framework where solutions are at the heart of the issues at hand. This avoids a sides-based narrative, which ultimately leads to further antipathy among polarised groups.

Your support helps us to:

•    Find and focus on working with the schools in the UK and beyond who most need our help by running conflict resolution workshops with Israelis and Palestinians
•    Offer workshops to schools who can otherwise not afford external help dealing with anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and tensions surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
•    Provide support and mentoring opportunities for young people through programmes such as our Summer Student Leadership Programme, and helping young people organise events on their campuses and in their local communities
•    Reach out to and train young Israelis and Palestinians from civil society, enabling them to tell their stories and explain their needs as Israelis and Palestinians
•    Create digital resources online for young people and for teachers
•    Organise training conferences for teachers on this extremely sensitive and emotive issue that affects many sections of communities and societies today

All supporters are also invited to attend one session per academic year and you will be kept fully updated on Solutions Not Sides’ progress. 

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Solutions Not Sides is a project of OneVoice Europe, registered charity 1114114